must-have bathroom installations for seniors

11 Must-Have Bathroom Installations for Seniors

11 Must-Have Bathroom Installations for Seniors

Unfortunately, the bathroom can be a dangerous place due to the presence of hard surfaces, water, and the potential for slips and falls. Prevention is key and taking the steps to create a safer, more pleasant bathroom experience for Seniors can be done with a few simple changes.

Here are 11 must-have bathroom installations for Seniors:

1. Non-slip mats and non-slip coating

A bathtub is a common place where accidents occur, especially for the elderly. To prevent slips and falls, it’s important to fix a slippery bathtub by installing non-slip mats or applying a non-slip coating to the surface of the tub.

2. Walk-in shower with a low threshold
Walk-in showers is one of the must-have bathroom installations for seniors, as they eliminate the need to step over a high threshold to enter the shower. This can be especially beneficial for those with mobility issues. A low threshold also makes it easier for wheelchairs to roll into the shower. Slip Free Tubs can help with a tub-to-shower conversion.

3. A built-in seat in the shower
A built-in seat in the shower provides a place for the elderly to sit and rest while taking a shower. It can also be used as a place to sit while washing their feet. Slip Free Tubs installs wall-mounted shower chairs and other shower accessories.

4. Grab bars
Must-have bathroom installations for seniors like grab bars are essential in any bathroom used by seniors. They provide support and stability when getting in and out of the shower or tub, and can also be used to help with getting up from the toilet. Slip Free Tubs can professionally install your grab bars today.

5. Raised toilet seat with armrests
A raised toilet seat can make it much easier for the elderly to use the toilet. It also provides armrests which can help with stability.

6. Handheld shower head
A handheld shower head allows the user to adjust the water flow and temperature and also makes it easier for the elderly to bathe themselves. It can be used to wash hair, reach the feet and legs, and also to clean the shower.

7. Adjustable height sink
An adjustable height sink can be raised or lowered to accommodate the needs of the user. This can make it much more comfortable and accessible for the elderly to use the sink.

8. Non-slip flooring
Non-slip flooring is essential in any bathroom, especially for the elderly. It helps to prevent slips and falls and can be installed in various areas of the bathroom, such as the shower or near the toilet.

9. Good lighting
Good lighting is essential in any bathroom, but it’s especially important for the elderly. This includes a night light which can be helpful for those who get up at night to use the bathroom.

10. Walk-in bathtubs for disabled
Walk-in bathtubs are designed to make it easier for Seniors and people with disabilities to bathe. Slip Free Tubs offers an array of walk-in bathtubs to choose from. They come with a door that opens and closes with ease, low step, and can be customized to make bath time much easier and enjoyable for Seniors and those with disabilities.

Creating a handicap-accessible bathroom requires a comprehensive approach, and it’s essential to consult with the professionals at SW Florida Builders Group for the best solution for your specific needs and budget. 

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