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Slip Free Tubs, is your premiere bath and tub services provider in Pinellas County, FL. We specialize in creating safe and accessible bathing solutions for all ages and abilities. From walk-in tubs for seniors to ice baths for athletes, we have the expertise to meet your specific needs. 

For seniors, our solutions enhance safety and independence. Our walk-in tubs provide easy access with a low threshold, while grab bar installation ensures stability and support. Non-slip shower stips prevent accidents on wet surfaces.

Athletes can benefit from our ice bath installation, proven to reduce inflammation and promote muscle recovery. Our hydrotherapy tubs combine warm water and targeted jets to soothe muscles and relieve pain.

Improve bathroom accessibility with our toilet conversions, including seat risers and toilet to bidet conversions. We also offer tub to shower conversions for a spacious, accessible shower area, as well as wheelchair accessible tubs.

At Slip Free Tubs, we prioritize safety, comfort, and accessibility. Contact us today for exceptional service and the perfect bathing solution.